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NOOTHGRUSH - Erode the person - Anthology 1997-1998 CD Digipak

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A re-mastered collection of Noothgrush’s mid 90’s best recordings. Includes the very rare and limited split vinyls with Gasp, Suppression, Carol Ann, Wellington and Corrupted. Plus a good bunch of re-arranged and unreleased stuff.



Comes packed in a very neat inside-out printed piece of deluxe digipack with envelope containing a 12 pages comprehensive booklet.



This is a reissue of the 2006 Throne Records original jewel case CD release, which includes unreleased artwork and updated info.



"...One way to appreciate music is to understand the meter, or time, it is performed in. For example, it might be 2/4 time, or 3/4 time, or 4/4 time. In the case of NOOTHGRUSH the music is performed in geological time. That's right, this is the band whose riffs are so plodding that continental drift, by contrast, appears downright hasty. Calling this music slow is like calling The Beatles moderately successful - it's a definite understatement."

(In Music We Trust)



"...This is definitely heavy-going both in lyrical content and musical delivery.

Noothgrush may be reinterpreting Black Sabbath as having a more Hardcore attitude and a more up-to-date political / social consciousness or grim outlook on humankind. Much of Noothgrush's music is very deep doomy Metal with evil-sounding slow riffs

...In a perfect world, Noothgrush would not only still be around but they would be bigger than Bob Geldof, U2 and Sting (apologies to anyone who suddenly barfed when I mentioned that odious lot) and everyone, Metal and non-Metal alike, would respect their views and ideas if not necessarily agree with or like them."

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NOOTHGRUSH / THRONE RECS erode the person Video HD 720p from Throne Records official on Vimeo.