KARCAVUL - Intersaone LP

KARCAVUL - Intersaone LP-Deaf Death Husky-GIVE PRAISE RECORDS - Record Label & Online Store

All musical decency ends here, in a formless and repulsive descent into complete aural torture. Karcavul are authors of an absolutely repugnant, vile, and nauseating splicing of death metal, raw sludge, doom metal, crust, and black metal that will find devoted admirers among fans of similarly wretched heavyweights like Dragged Into Sunlight, Coffinworm, Undergang, Coffins, Wolvhammer, Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Arkedeel, and the such. LP comes with a fucked up and disgusting collage insert/poster created by the band.

Deaf Death Husky
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