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Six Weeks Records

HOLIER THAN THOU? - You Can't Have Slaughter Without Laughter LP

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After years of struggle to finalize, Six Weeks Records is downright ecstatic to announce the final recordings by HOLIER THAN THOU? This band, along with Six Weeks bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, D.F.A and CRUCIAL UNIT, started the resurgence of American crossover thrash in the early 2000'. We here at Six Weeks don't let things go easily and finally this record is ready to unleash on the hordes of thrashers, slammers and headbangers who've been doggedly on our case to release this final assault. For those new to this band, the pedigree is deep: featuring members of ANNIHILATION TIME, DINOSAUR JR., LEACHEROUS GAZE, BROKEN NEEDLE and LIFES HALT, their goal was to re-ignite the lost style of crossover thrash/hardcore, with many considering their "The Hating Of The Guts"LP/CD on Six Weeks an easy equal to MUNICIPAL WASTE's "Waste Em All"LP, if not better. This final will and testament delivers eight unreleased tracks, blazing with thrash metal fury, laced with old school Oxnard style hardcore punk, blazing fast vocals and original riffs of mayhem!!