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CUMSTAIN - White People Problems LP

$ 12.00


You know how every Sunday morning you like to sit on the couch naked and eat Cocoa Puffs while watching cartoons? This is that... as music... With "White People Problems", Oakland's Cumstain present the youth with a concentrated collection of sing-a-long sex-punk classics. Every track presented is an infectiously listenable dick-shaker full of bubblegum rhythms and libertine attitude. The foundation is stripped down rock & roll but the approach is pop punk. I suppose Cumstain is Blink 182 for a Burger generation, and if that doesn't sound like the most FUN shit you've ever heard then go back to listening to your Godspeed CD or whatever and leave us be. We'll be over here with our cock's and titties out dancing with Cumstain if you change your mind. + Digital Download.

Track Listing:

1. Mixed Up

2. Ghost Love

3. I Ain’t Wrong

4. Cum Back

5. Can’t Take It

6. Sit And Twist

7. Sippy Cup

8. Blown Out

9. Blue Ballad

10. Kitty Cum Home