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Resurrection Records

CAT PARTY / LA CORDE - Rik L Rik Split 7"

$ 5.00


This record contains 4 tracks of dark, delay drenched punk at its best. Each band does a Rik L Rik cover on the A Side, and an original on the B Side. La Corde starts things off with their cover of “Atomic Lawn.” It’s played at an upbeat pace that’s a great kick off to the record. On the next track Cat Party creeps you out on the already dark "Black & Red." The B Side starts off with Cat Party’s original, “Reflection or Illusion.” It has a great dark, surfy vibe to it. The record comes to a finish with La Corde’s original, “Signals.” It takes on an intense approach to their already perfect post-punk sound. Cover art by Tristan Ellis & mastering by Mammoth Sound. 600 copies pressed on brown, maroon, lavender, and purple colored vinyl. Includes free digital download.